Our Services


Motor, Chimneys, Mixer Grinder, Iron, Fan, Wiring and all types of electric works.


Tv, Fridges, Microwave, Deep Freezer, Music System, AC and All other types of electronic works.

Water Purifier

Manufacturing, Installation and All types of Waterpurifier maintenance.


Maintenance, Relocation, Repair, Installation & advanced level backend solutions for CCTV systems.

PC, Laptop/Printer

PC upgradation,Network Problems, Virus/Malware/Spyware problems, Data Recovery & Backup.


Installations, Servicing, Repairing, PV systems, such as energy limitations, lack of design flexibility,UPS & Invertor Battery.

Air Conditioner

Installations,Re installation,Repairing, & All Types of Ac Maintenance.

Washing Machine

Installation, Re installation &All types of repairing and maintenance.


Fitting on Wall, Removing Wall Mounted TV, Removing and Fitting on Another Wall, LED Installation, LCD Repair, LED Repair & All.


Installations, Repairing, Moving Geyser From One Wall to Another, Removal Geyser & All Types of Geyser Maintenance.

Mixer Grinder

Juicer repair,Hand Blender,Worn out body and motor, Vibrations tend to cause more noise & All Types of Mixer Maintenance.